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Ten concrete steps to improve competition culture for architecture in Europe in just one year.

09 October 2017 - Last week in Amsterdam, Architectuur Lokaal organized the first two-day conference on Competition Culture in Europe. The results of research in seventeen countries were presented, compared, and supplemented with knowledge from other countries. The meeting served as the start of a four-year project geared towards improving the accessibility and transparency of competitions in Europe. At the close of the conference, concrete agreements were made which are feasible within one year and will be carried out by the representatives of the more than 25 countries that were present.
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Design contest portals by country

25 July 2017 - As part of the Competition Culture in Europe program we've published a list of (national) websites for seventeen European countries where design contests are announced. Design contest below the EU thresholds are usually not published on Tenders European Daily. We will continue to update this list. If a country or a website is missing, please notify us by email.
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