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The Fulcrum
The Fulcrum is the independent, non-commercial European portal for tenders and contests in the field of architecture. By increasing the transparency in the market for architecture and promulgating best practices, the Fulcrum intends to lower entry barriers to public contracts, to increase the efficiency and proportionality of public procurement and to stimulate cross-border trade. It aims to promote a healthy European building culture. The Fulcrum focuses on tenders and contests in the Netherlands and the UK.
Other countries can join the Fulcrum initiative, provided that they are represented by an independent, non-commercial legal entity. The Fulcrum is a joint initiative by Architectuur Lokaal and Project Compass CIC.

Architectuur Lokaal
Architectuur Lokaal is the independent national centre of expertise devoted to a meaningful building culture in the Netherlands by improving patronage in architecture. To that end, we bring together public, private and incidental patrons, professionals who provide design services, and all other parties involved in building culture. We cater in particular for provincial and local officials, public representatives and councillors.
Our Procurement & Design Competition Office (Steunpunt Architectuuropdrachten & Ontwerpwedstrijden) advises public and private clients about (European) procurement procedures and competitions (architect services and integrated contracts). Our KOMPAS light digital manuals (free of charge) are compiled on the initiative of the government architect and are widely endorsed by various ministries, designers’ groups, corporations, developers, and the Association of Dutch Municipalities.

Project Compass CIC
Project Compass CIC has been developed and funded by a dedicated group of architects over the last 30 months, who have now formed it as a CIC (Community Interest Company), with the aim of opening, promoting and making access to a high quality built environment easier, simpler, more economical and more importantly transparent.

The Project Compass service, whilst developed by architects has a wider aim of promoting higher standards and qualities across all sectors of the built environment, from engineers to landscape, surveyors to managers and clients. We are developing a new easy access e-procurement service aimed at architects and clients, providing free access to all current OJEU and sub-OJEU Tender Notices within the UK. ProjectCompass provides a trackable and interrogable database of all past OJEU notices, ranking projects by date, location, client, size, brief, requirements, etc. Project Compass will provide clear-cut best practice guidance and procurement templates for all client and project types.
Project Compass CIC has assembled a database comprising 12,000 UK architectural commissions from the last five years, which has been made available digitally through the launch of the Fulcrum.