Competition Culture in Vilnius, 2018

A new national procurement law was passed in Lithuania. On the basis of this law, assignments that include public space must now be put out to tender through competitions. Following this, Rūta Leitanaitè, chair of the Union of Lithuanian Architects, organized an international conference on architectural competitions at the Raduškevičius Palace in Vilnius.Themes included questions on how to promote architectural competition in the context of a free market  and procurement law, and how to provide better access to a competition for all architects?

Besides the Flemish Government Architect and the chairman of the International Union of Architects (UIA), speakers who previously met in Amsterdam were invited. Although this conference was not formally part of the Competition Culture in Europe program, it was precisely this program that could make actual contributions. Correspondents of A10 new European architecture Cooperative reported on experiences and analyses from Latvia and Poland. Also the program for the next
European Conference Competition Culture, to be organized in Poland linkje, was presented. The conference was followed by a workshop with the City of Vilnius.

Speakers: Thomas Vonier (chairman International Union of Architects), Cilly Jansen (Architectuur Lokaal), Leo Van Broeck (Flemish building master) and Jerzy Grochulsky (International Union of Architects), Kalle Kommisarov (Estiona), Ieva Zibarte (A10 New European architecture Cooperative, Latvia), Hubert Trammer (A10 New European architecture Cooperative, Poland) and Jakub Heciak (Poland). The complete program can be downloaded here.