Architecture policy in Croatia

The initiative for the development and adoption of the document on Architectural policies was launched by the Department of Architects of the Croatian Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers in Construction and the Association of Croatian Architects at the 1st Congress of Croatian Architects in 2004, and was continued at the 2nd Congress of Croatian Architects in 2007. Within the context of the 3rd Congress of Croatian Architects “Apolitik a 2013” held in 2010, guidelines for the development of a Croatian architectural policy were promoted, and work on defining and developing the document began.

Recognition of the role of architecture in terms of its cultural, aesthetic and social value led to the signing of a common Statement by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction, the Physical Planning Council of the Republic of Croatia, the Croatian Chamber of Architects, and the Association of Croatian Architects. With this Statement they committed to promote and actively participate in activities related to the adoption of the document, whereby the creation of a national platform was initiated.

The Architectural policies document, which states the public interest in the quality of the overall built environment, will necessarily be integrated into policy as a catalyst in the process of sustainable development, and become part of the concern for the public space, the advancement of design values founded on local specificities, the protection of health, the climate and security.

Source: Apolitika,

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