European Competition Programmer Handbook GreenArch project results

This EU project partnership included French, Spanish, UK, Czech and Italian participants. The project aims to improve opportunities and procedures for all architects, especially young professionals, through better understanding, knowledge sharing and collaborative strategies which address the European design competition system. Research on the common priorities and objectives for public and private competitions is reported along with recommendations for architects and European policy makers for improving access, quality, practice experience, effectiveness and efficiency, digital migration and integration, transparency, knowledge and reduced risk in competitive processes that can increase opportunities, contributing to growth, innovation, value and sustainability along with better competition processes both nationally and across Europe.

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GreenArch Project Report (July 2015)Authors: Paola Boffo, Walter Menteth, Julie Fernandez, Cécile Fridé, Ilham Laraqui, Marianne Tartarin, Roberto Secci, Silvia Brandi, Ana Marti Serichol, Igor Kovačević, Karin Grohmannová, Yvette Vašourková